39. S3E16 Glee Club (w/ Alissa Floyd & Juan Martinez)

January 3, 2019

Singers Alissa Floyd and Juan Martinez met up with me to watch and discuss episode 316, "Glee Club." Teaching novice and naif, Miss Haycock attempts to take the 8th grade boys' choir and "mold them in song," but she gets a little (or a lot less) more than she bargained for.

Grab your favorite spirit and join us as swill ours, swear through the night and veer further off-course than intended. Aren't these figs amazing? Wait, what's your name? Is Mary Poppins an assassin? Middle school boys make casting musicals hard. Was that a date? What really was Miss Haycock's deal? Resulting editing is even more abrupt than usual, as we had to take a few bathroom and snack breaks. 


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38. S3 E13/14 She My Friend and I; St Valentine’s Day Massacre (w/Natalie Grigson)

September 8, 2018

I'm easing my way back onto the grid with a two-fer episode! Natalie Grigson, author of the Peter Able series, joins me to discuss a two-part, to-be-continued style episode arc chronicling the effects of the tortured tempraments of teens on romance. Get a heart-shaped box of chocolates, because we're talking about Season 3, episodes 13 and 14, "She, My Friend and I" and "The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre," respectively. Kevin still pines for Winnie, but he's ignores it until Paul (at his urging) has a date with Winnie that leaves Paul on cloud nine. Meanwhile, Winnie gives Kevin the run-around because ... reasons. So. Much. Middle School. Drama! Meanwhile, we learn the truth about Mister Ed.

37. S3E12 The Powers That Be (w/ Paul Normandin)

October 26, 2017

A visit from his father always puts Jack on edge. But when he brings an extra special gift with him, the ties that bind become too constricting for Kevin, who finds himself in the middle of Jack and Gramps' battle for authority. Improviser and storyteller, Paul Normandin, returns to ruminate on family power dynamics, genetics and the virtues of Dairy Queen.


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36. S3E11 Don’t You Know Anything About Women (w/ Cody Dearing)

August 23, 2017

When it comes to potential romantic partners, sometimes chemistry is one-sided. Kevin discovers this in "Don't You Know Anything About Women?" when he finds he's on one side and another with two different girls. Cody Dearing, co-host of "Was This Always Weird" returns to talk about lopsided junior high love triangles, bad accents and good school dance songs.


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35. S3E10 Rock N Roll (w/ Ryan Hill)

July 27, 2017

When The Beatles played the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, they did more than serenade a broad TV audience. They stoked the imaginations and ambitions of millions of budding American musicians. Kevin Arnold, carrying that memory, and intrigued by a schoolmate, Larry Beeman, joins a garage band. Along the way, he learns a bit about the thrill of an amplified guitar and performer glory. Austin musician and improviser, Ryan Hill, joins me again, fresh off the release of his Tiny Desk Concert and new album, to talk rock n' roll, man! 

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34. S3E9 Math Class Squared (w/Alissa Floyd)

July 4, 2017

Kevin's math grades aren't the best, but they represent his best effort, and he's satisfied with that. That is, until his cherished teacher, Mr. Collins starts grading on a curve and the value of his grade actually drops. When Kevin learns of a cheating ring in math class, he struggles with the decision of whether or not to participate. Singer, Alissa Floyd, joins me to talk about teachers who mattered, lying to ourselves about childhood TV crushes, and a little TMI about how this episode informed my puberty. How 'bout those Mets?!


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33. S3E8 The Pimple (w/ Lena Gwendolyn Hill)

June 18, 2017

Puberty is a time of horomonal turmoil. For Kevin, no time is worse for that turmoil than when his first zit emerges days before he anticipates the arrival of a cute girl. Actor, Lena Gwendolyn Hill, returns to reminisce about bad skin and generally chase tangents ranging from what color to paint my room to Star Wars. Join us, won't you?


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32. S3E7 Family Car (w/ Andreas Fabis)

June 2, 2017

When the family car becomes more work than it's worth, the Arnold family works hard to convince Jack that it's time to move on. Improviser, Andreas Fabis, joins me to discuss episode 7 of season 3, "Family Car." Hop aboard as we mull over car-buying, car cultures and I learn about a centuries-old Dusseldorf-Cologne rivalry!

31. S3E6 Odd Man Out (w/ Ryan Hill)

May 19, 2017

As in in any good friendship, sometimes things can get a little stale, idiosyncracies, a little tired. When this happens to Paul and Kevin, Kevin finds himself spending more time with a casual friend than he anticipated. And taking advantage of him. Improviser, musician and storyteller, Ryan Hill, tells me who his Paul Pfieffer was and compare how a sturdy friendship isn't that much different from a marriage.


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30. Improvising Parenthood - an unrelated podcast

May 9, 2017

The last two weeks have been rife with sickness, schedule interruptions and travel in my house. As a result, I'm still editing the next episode of "A Little Help From My Friends." In the meantime, give a listen to a stand-alone podcast episode I recorded last fall as part of a podcast workshop I was taking. In "Improvising Parenthood," improviser parent friends Glora Bankler and Amanda Hirsch mull over what influence improv has on our parenting, if any.

The next episode of "A Little Help From My Friends" should be up next week. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Special Thanks to Cody Dearing for hosting and engineering this recording.