A Little Help From My Friends

38. S3 E13/14 She My Friend and I; St Valentine’s Day Massacre (w/Natalie Grigson)

September 8, 2018

I'm easing my way back onto the grid with a two-fer episode! Natalie Grigson, author of the Peter Able series, joins me to discuss a two-part, to-be-continued style episode arc chronicling the effects of the tortured tempraments of teens on romance. Get a heart-shaped box of chocolates, because we're talking about Season 3, episodes 13 and 14, "She, My Friend and I" and "The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre," respectively. Kevin still pines for Winnie, but he's ignores it until Paul (at his urging) has a date with Winnie that leaves Paul on cloud nine. Meanwhile, Winnie gives Kevin the run-around because ... reasons. So. Much. Middle School. Drama! Meanwhile, we learn the truth about Mister Ed.

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